Secretary General and High Rappresentative for Foreign Affairs

Secretary General and High Rappresentative for Foreign Affairs

giovedì 26 dicembre 2019


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of International Parliament for Safety and Peace Ipsp-wos H.E. Dr.Fahed Merehbi, met Mr. Brigadier General Bahaa Halal. Lebanon is facing numerous political and social difficulties. We hope that soon they can return to normal and have a strong Lebanon country,
where many religions coexist.

mercoledì 25 dicembre 2019


The Secretary-General and Minister for International Cooperation of the International  Parliament  for Safety and Peace Ipsp-Wos, Amb. Dr. Alfredo Maiolese,  met the Minister of State of the Presidency of the Republic, H.E. Dr. Ahmed Naseem at the Presidential Palace and the Minister of State, Ministry of Tourism. They have been talked of the role of the Ipsp and some diplomatic matters.
The Republic of Maldives, Muslim State, welcomes millions of non-Muslim tourists, every year, and is a true example of tolerance and respect, an exemplary model supported by the excellent Maldivian population, who has always been open and friendly.
Here ,H.E. Amb. Dr. Alfredo Maiolese with the Minister H.E. Dr. Ahmed Salih.