Secretary General and High Rappresentative for Foreign Affairs

Secretary General and High Rappresentative for Foreign Affairs

giovedì 21 gennaio 2016


The Secretary-General of WOS, Alfredo Maiolese, had participated to a very important Conference regarding  the Issues of Migrants who every day crossing the Mediterranean Sea. The Mayor of Palermo, Prof. Leoluca Orlando had presented his policy and illustrated all the efforts that his town and the Sicily Region, in the south of Italy,are making to serve those people, escaped  from hunger and war.

sabato 16 gennaio 2016


The Secretary-General Alfredo Maiolese had met in Paris in the occasion of an International Conference, Ambassador Giulio Terzi, the previous Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Maiolese discussed  with him some international issues such as:
Iran and Saudi Arabia relations and Italian international cooperation.

mercoledì 13 gennaio 2016


Sen. Dott. Andrea Busin Vice President of Fisheries Commission, had partecipated in Spain, to a very  important  International  Conference regarding  the repopulation of the seas. In this time the seas suffer from pollution and scarcity of fish, killed by irresponsible policies.

The World Organization of the States, is engaged  in environment  issue, which represent  the challenge  for the future generations.

sabato 2 gennaio 2016


The President of World Organization of the States H.E. Prof. Eugenio Lai, together with the members of the Presidency, wish to all collegues an happy new year.
Many wars and conflicts are still in the world  and the 2016, appears very difficult.
The big issues of middle east, the economic crisis, the daily violation of human rights and the environment, are the main challenges, which WOS has to take in serious consideration, for the next future.