Secretary General and High Rappresentative for Foreign Affairs

Secretary General and High Rappresentative for Foreign Affairs

martedì 31 marzo 2020


COVID 19: IPSP endorses calls for universal ceasefire in war and conflict zones
Our world is in the grip of a common enemy which has no care or thought for faith, nationality, culture or gender.
The coronavirus has shown it will strike anywhere and target the most vulnerable in our midst including the disabled, old and infirm.
The thought of it rampaging through the thousands of refugee camps around our troubled world is indeed a fearful prospect.
That is why we at the International Parliament for Safety and Peace IPSP-WOS welcome the call for an immediate global ceasefire made by the

UN Secretary General, António Guterres.

IPSP is not alone in its views; our global IPSP ambassadors also fully endorse the call for an international cessation of all conflicts and welcomed similar calls made by the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis.
Speaking at his weekly blessing, delivered from the official papal library instead of St. Peter’s Square because of the lockdown here in Italy, he singled out the call for a global ceasefire so the world can focus on fighting the coronavirus pandemic and specifically mentioned the appeal Guterres had issued.
Despite some encouraging news in some parts of the world, it is clear the coronavirus epidemic is far from over, according to the World Health Organization.
While the United States recorded its deadliest day yet on Monday, with another 540 deaths taking its fatalities past 3,000, infections have now exceeded 770,000 cases worldwide. America, Italy and Spain have all overtaken mainland China in confirmed cases.
ISPS  Secretary General Alfredo Maiolese said: "Parallels on the social effects of the pandemic have been made with World War Two and the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak which killed an estimated 50 million. Therefore we welcome the call by Mr Guterres and the endorsement by His Holiness, Pope Francis to bring an end to all wars so we can focus on this battle against Covid 19.
"It is vital that the UN is allowed to succeed in mediations for peace in the world's conflicts especially those in the Middle East. Humanitarian aid is already over stretched in countries like Syria, Yemen and Libya."
IPSP President Eugenio Lai added: "Millions across the Arab word depend on aid for their existence and the arrival of this pandemic in the refugee camps and war zones will undoubtedly bring about the collapse of the already fragile health systems in place.
IPSP Minister of Foreign Affairs 
Fahed Merehbi said:"Covid-19 is our common enemy and unless the world unites as one fighting this pandemic will be all the more difficult. The only way to respond is by bringing about a universal ceasefire in all wars so we can can use our energies, instead, to end this deadly pandemic."

venerdì 20 marzo 2020


Nominated today for the Covid 19 emergency
H.M. Queen Shebah III, Special Envoy for Humanitarian Aid of International Parliament for Safety and Peace IPSP-WOS.
Iban: IT 02I 010300 48 0000000 3002464
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ANNOUNCEMENT of An official international donation campaign in cooperation with the relevant competent governmental and international bodies specialized authorities to help assist affected countries and reduce risks across the risk thorugh international disaster management operations rooms The activity carried out by the International Parliament for safety and Peace as intergovernmental Organization that of peace and Safety amongst nations. We operate for the custody and the protection of human rights, for an equal distribution of tangible property, we support States in sustainable development of the weakest countries and in case of Sanitary Emergencies. I.P.S.P. – W.O.S.  IS AN INDEPENDANT ORGANIZATION NOT LINKED TO POLITICS. WE HAVE LONG STRUGGLED FOR PEACE AND SECURITY IN THE WORLD, INCLUDING HEALTH, SAFETY AND PEOPLE’S DIGNITY. Considering the severe sanitary and social situation that prevails in Italy and in the rest of the International Parliament for safety and Peace as intergovernmental Organization (I.P.S.P – W.O.S) has taken the lead in starting to raise funds on a global scale, in order to sustain the costs of medical devices and equipment, useful in the enhancement of sanitary structures in regions mostly affected by the Pandemic.  Also, to manage this state of crisis and to support all the people that are combatting this state of emergency (COVID-19) daily. There is a lack of equipment currently in the Hospitals, in intensive therapy areas, to face this Pandemic there is need for: - Ventilators. - Non-invasive ventilation devices. - Hemodynamic monitoring. - Disinfectants and sanitizers. - Protective clothes against the virus. - Masks - gloves gloves -Coronavirus test Covid 19 - medicine Some of what is needed is not only for sanitary personnel, but also and primarily for all those who need help. The International Parliament for Safety and Peace is contributing, and needs your support. There are so many people that could benefit, even just with a small donation. For that's has created Therefore, an International Crisis operation rooms Cell was created Several doctors and physicians, jointly with our president Hon. Dr. Lai Eugenio and Secretary General Hon. Dr. Alfredo Maiolese and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon .Dr Fahed Merehbi with our Health and Scientific Staff, coordinated by the Hon. Dr. Alfredo Orsingher, are elaborating a very important plan of action; our help and support will make a difference in this global crisis. The International Parliament for safety and Peace as intergovernmental Organization will publish on our website the monetary amounts and the medical equipment and devices purchased.

mercoledì 26 febbraio 2020


The Presidency of International Parliament for Safety and Peace  (IPSP-WOS), on proposal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Dr Fahed Merehbi inform that Dr. Reinaldo De Sousa Viriato, is no longer part of our organization since 01 February 2020. The return of all diplomatic documents, credentials and the diplomatic passport was requested. His position as Minister Special Envoy for African Affairs and Member of International Parliament for Safety and Peace has ceased. Governments, Institutions and Foreign Ministries, are invited not to receive, retain or sign diplomatic agreements with him, on behalf of International Parliament for Safety anf Peace. 

 Note :Any memorandum of understanding, contracts, appointments, or letters issued without the signature of the President, the Secretary-General, or the Minister of Foreign Affairs, individually or collectively, are considered null and the organization has no responsibility towards others since Dr. Reinaldo De Sousa Viriato misused the organization and his authority for personal purposes and appointed individuals without reference or taking approval from the General Secretariat, and this is considered a violation of the laws and procedures in effect and followed according to the statute of governmental organizations.

martedì 18 febbraio 2020


The Secretary-General of International Parliament for Safety and Peace,  Ipsp-Wos, Amb. Dr. Alfredo Maiolese, attended at the International Conference held at the United Nations Office,  on youth education in spreading the values ​​of pluralism and respect for religious and cultural diversity, supporting the armony and the culture of diversity and the prevention of social conflicts.

domenica 9 febbraio 2020


Our Minister of Foreigner Affairs H.E. Dr. Fahed Merehbi has met in Dubai, his namesake, the Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Hon. Patrick Pruaitch of
the State of Papua New Guinea.
A treaty of diplomatic cooperation and collaboration between IPSP-WOS and the government of Papua New Guinea, was signed.
A diplomatic headquarter of International Parliament for Safety and Peace, will be open in the capital Port Moresby.

giovedì 26 dicembre 2019


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of International Parliament for Safety and Peace Ipsp-wos H.E. Dr.Fahed Merehbi, met Mr. Brigadier General Bahaa Halal. Lebanon is facing numerous political and social difficulties. We hope that soon they can return to normal and have a strong Lebanon country,
where many religions coexist.

mercoledì 25 dicembre 2019


The Secretary-General and Minister for International Cooperation of the International  Parliament  for Safety and Peace Ipsp-Wos, Amb. Dr. Alfredo Maiolese,  met the Minister of State of the Presidency of the Republic, H.E. Dr. Ahmed Naseem at the Presidential Palace and the Minister of State, Ministry of Tourism. They have been talked of the role of the Ipsp and some diplomatic matters.
The Republic of Maldives, Muslim State, welcomes millions of non-Muslim tourists, every year, and is a true example of tolerance and respect, an exemplary model supported by the excellent Maldivian population, who has always been open and friendly.
Here ,H.E. Amb. Dr. Alfredo Maiolese with the Minister H.E. Dr. Ahmed Salih.