Secretary General and High Rappresentative for Foreign Affairs

Secretary General and High Rappresentative for Foreign Affairs

sabato 15 giugno 2019


Wos-Ipsp organized an important International Conference on:
human rights
environmental problems.
Politicians,Ambassadors,Ecclesiastics participated from many countries.
On this occasion the President H.E.Eugenio Lai, the General Secretary H.E.Alfredo Maiolese, the Grand Chancellor H.E.Giuseppe Caddeo and the President of the Justice Commission H.E. Antonello Secchi, presented prizes and awards to important personalities of the political, religious and research world.
Among the winners are the President of the Congo H.E. Dr. Denis Sassou Nguesso and the Grand Mufti of Bosnia H.E. Prof. Mustafa Ceric and Dr. Francesca Sacco, an Italian research scientist who discovered a possible drug for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

venerdì 7 giugno 2019


Dr. Hassan Syed Azeemi, member of the National Assembly of WOS-IPSP on a mission in Taiwan to participate in the International Religious Freedom Forum, a multi-faith gathering of religious leaders, government representatives, and NGO leaders to promote religious freedom around the world . being held in Taiwan from May 29th 2019. This year’s theme was “Rising to the Challenge.”

mercoledì 5 giugno 2019


The Secretary-General of Wos-Ipsp Amb. Alfredo Maiolese partecipated to an International Conference hold in Mecca organized by World Muslim League, on cooperation and understanding of true Islam against exstemisme an intollerance.
Here Alfredo Maiolese with the Minister of Islamic Affairs of Egypt H.E. Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa.

giovedì 23 maggio 2019


On March 27, 2019 in Rome at the Sala Maria of the Senate of the Italian Republic, the President Eugenio Lai and the Minister of Justice of the WOS-IPSP Avv. Antonello Secchi intervened as speakers representing WOS-IPSP invited by Senator Raffaele Stancanelli Vice-president of the Justice Commission of the Italian Republic, on the themes: "Project for Central-Western Africa", "Meeting between Abrahamic religions, a possible dialogue", "A project for food, water, energy and technological security for Africa Western Center ". in the photo the President S.E. Eugenio Lai, the Ambassador of Burkina Faso S.E. Josephine Ouedraogo Guissou and the Minister of Justice Avv. Antonello Secchi.

giovedì 21 marzo 2019


The italian embassy  in Vatican's City, had organized a conference regarding  environment and ecology matters. The President of Wos-Ipsp, S.E Prof. Eugenio Lai and the Grand Chancellor S.E. Giuseppe Caddeo here with the Italian ambassador, H.E. dr. Pietro Sabatini. Wos-Ipsp is engaged lately in environmental issues related to climate change.

lunedì 18 marzo 2019


The office of Presidency of the Wos-Ipsp following the massacre carried out in two mosques in New Zealand by a madman, in addition to the condemnation against all forms of violence, expresses serious concerns for the future. Religions must not clash and brutality and aggression must not enter places of worship that must remain only places of prayer and adoration of the same God.

This week’s New Zeland Shooting and massacre highlights the pain , suffering and death cause by intolerance among human beings.

It also encourages , the members of W.O.S to spread out the message of Peace and Security, through the honest dialogue among the different religions, namely Cristianity, Islam and Judaism( on any orden)
This tragedy , apparently caused by a 28 year old Australian, in ChristChurch , New Zealand , leaves 50 people dead and 50 people wounded. All of them, innocent people, some children, some disabled, other trying to help other victims , all praying to God . It doesnt matter what nationality or gender or age , they were humans, people, living this life as best as they could, immigrants looking  for a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Did this young fellow knew them? Who they were ? What did they want in life? NO
Did they do any harm to him? NO
How come a person can legally buy 5 fire arms in an online retailer ? 
How come civilians can buy military fire arms, semi automatic weapons if they are not going to war ? 
Hard to believe

W.O.S stands for Peace and Dialogue, we need to learn  from each other, understand differences in religion and culture , respect others, live in harmony with other human beings and with Nature.

The seeds of destruction , as this and other cases of extremism show,  are sowed in Ignorance , lack of affection , lack of education , extremist ideas of racism, religious intolerance , extreme nationalism, totalitarianism.

Unhappy person who wants everyone to be unhappy and the pervertion of feeling well when other suffer or die!

We stand for Peace, we stand for tolerance, dialogue and knowledge.
We work for these principles and for a better world. No matter how hard, be believe in this path. Our prayers are for the victims of this Tragedy, We pray that God gives them the strength and the Wisdom to recover their peace and lost Happiness.

martedì 19 febbraio 2019


 Diplomatic Program 2019-2021

WOS IPSP World Organization of the States- International Parliament for Safety and Peace

The World Organization of States for Safety and Peace (W.O.S.), is an Intergovernmental Organization of States, founded on December 15, 1975, has delegations in many nations.
The Founders of the World Organization of States for Safety and Peace - the Orthodox Archbishop Mons. Viktor Busà, first President of the Council of States for the Protection of Life, and the Orthodox Archbishop Mgr Makarios III former President of the Republic of Cyprus Makarios III, became the first General Secretary: after his death in 1977, he was succeeded by SE Dr. Sypros Kyprianou, new President of the Republic of Cyprus, who assumed the Vice President in 1987. The World Organization of States, signed a collaboration agreement with the United Nations University of Peace, based in Escazù, Costa Rica. The President of said University was SE Dr. Rodrigo Carazo Hatred, former Head of the State of Costa Rica.
In the past the seat of the International Presidency was Palermo. At the death of the historic President Monsignor Viktor Busà on August 23rd 2013, Senator Eugenio La, succeeded him.

The new President Lai, makes significant changes. It is a totally renovated Wos-Ipsp. At his side he is appointed Secretary General, Ambassador Alfredo Maiolese who is also the President of the European Muslim League, who assumes the Presidency of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Organization in which it  finds the International Parliament for Safety and Peace IPSP. The choice is very apt. We are in 2013 immediately the fateful September 11, 2011. People are dazed and do not understand who the enemy really is, that the media hide behind the Islamic religion and Muslims.

The WOS-Ipsp understands that it is time to take action because there is a dangerous confrontation of religion and civilization at stake. The President Eugenio Lai, a practicing Christian and Alfredo Maiolese, an Italian who has embraced Islam, begins to weave relations with both Latin America, with several states including Argentina, Venezuela, Panama, and in the Middle East and with African States. International conferences are organized on particular themes: peace, prevention of social and religious conflicts, conferences broadcast by numerous international channels. Recommendations are sent to the United Nations and the European Parliament, to various international institutions. It updates the constitutional charter of the Wos by including the declaration of Medina and that of Marrakesh in addition to the fundamental principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The main office is moved to Rome and the institutional office is established in New York, USA.

Cooperation programs and operations between states, public and private institutions are intensified. Wos in the most difficult period of the war in Iraq, signed an important collaboration agreement with the Iraqi Parliament which provides an internal representation office. Subsequently also the Jordanian parliament with the approval of H.M. King Abdullah signs a cooperation treaty. The Secretary General Alfredo Maiolese participates in many conferences at the invitation of many governments and maintains relations and direct contacts with the various foreign ministers for the WOS.

The World Organization of States in July 2014, has formalized, in Switzerland, the patent of the Statute (International Patent for International Legal Personality No. 2321/2014) and enjoys the Status of International Juridical Personality.

The World Organization of States consists of six jurisdictions:
The main organ;
The subsidiary body;
The court;
The diplomatic body.
The High Court of International Justice
The International Arbitration Court.

The Wos-Ipsp offices, where there are headquarters agreements, enjoy all the privileges, immunities and honors reserved for diplomats: more in general we refer to the well-known Vienna Conventions of 1961 and 1963.
According to the law of International Law, in fact the members of the World Organization of States enjoy immunity in those States that maintain normal diplomatic relations. In other countries where such protocollary relations do not exist, Members can only enjoy functional immunity; in fact they can not be prosecuted for their political and diplomatic activity in defense of Peace, Security, Freedom and Justice.

Every two years the World Organization of States organizes conferences on security both in the Mediterranean and internationally. The latter are joined by diplomatic and political personalities of the nations involved. During the inauguration of the Conference, the President assigns a Peace Trophy to a Head of State who has distinguished himself in the World for his very high qualities of defense for Peace, Justice, Social and Political Security, as well as Freedom.
In 1989 the peace trophy was conferred on the former President of the Soviet Union S.E. Prof. Mikhail S. Gorbaciov; in 1990 the President of the Republic of Zaire S.E. Marshal Mobutu Sese-Seko; in 1995 to receive the Trophy of Peace was the President of the Republic of Argentina S.E. Dr. Carlos Saul Menem; in 1995 he was solemnly awarded the President of the Republic of South Africa S.E. Dr. Nelson Mandela; in 2002 he received the High Recognition S.E. Sen. Gen. Lansana Contè, President of the Republic of Guinea; in 2004 they received the S.E. Trophies. Sen. Gen. Teodoro O. Nguema Mbasogo, also S.E. Sen. Col. Hugo Rafael Chavaz Frias, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; in 2006 he received the S.E. Sen. Omar Bongo Ondimba, President of the Republic of Gabon.

The World Organization of States has intervened in many international conflicts and diplomatic crises, for example: the clash between Turkey and Cyprus; the crisis between Somalia and Ethiopia; the conflicts in Uganda, in Central Africa, Mali and Chad; the war in the Middle East; the civil war in Pakistan; the political - religious crisis in India; the civil war in Sri Lanka; the war between Iraq and Iran; the war between Iraq and Kuwait; the war in former Yugoslavia; the civil war in Rwanda; the crisis and conflicts in the Congo, Angola, Mozambique and Zaire; against racism in South Africa; the civil war in Moldova; the war between Russia and Chechnya; the various wars in Central Asia; the war between Ecuador and Peru and against racial and ethnic violence in the world; lastly against France's resumption of nuclear experiments and the American attack on Iraq.

The World Organization of States, participated in some International Conferences organized by the United Nations (Addis Ababa and Vienna), the W.O.S.  was invited as an observer to the general political elections of the Republic of the Congo and Venezuela.

With the headquarters agreement signed in Brazaville on 23 January 2019, the WOS has opened a diplomatic mission in the Republic of Congo, intensifying its presence in Africa. The 2019-2021 program will focus on the theme of migration, constructive cooperation in African countries and Latin America and naturally focusing attention on the Middle East strategic area for the world.
The intent together with the European Union is to make the African continent grow. Other diplomatic missions of Wos-Ipsp will open in Africa and beyond. Courses will be organized ad hoc in various disciplines trying to grow the culture and professionalism of the native population. Culture, economy, social development and environmental protection will be the first areas to be developed if we really want to talk about peace and human rights. It is an ambitious and long-term program, but the WOS Ipsp policy is to give the know-how to the people, so that it allows them to increase the well-being of society avoiding that thousands of people move in search of a European eldorado that rewards only a few.